Principal’s Notes

Happy New School Year!!!!!! We are so excited for the 2017-18 school year. We
are elated that you chose us as your partner in Christian education. We strive to
LEARN through a rigorous curriculum; GROW in Christ and relationship with each
other; and SERVE our community, our church, and our family.
Our returning students are going to be amazed when they walk in the building to
see a few new upgrades. They will also see several new faces that have joined
our team to make learning fun and more individualized. If you are a new student
to our school, you can expect a safe, clean, and family friendly learning
environment tailored just for you.
Know that our school theme for the year is “What’s the Story?” We believe that
each of us has a personal story that has been written by God. Each story has a
beginning, middle, and we hope and pray that it ends with Christ coming through
the clouds and each of us being ready to meet Him as he takes us home. Until
then, let’s have an incredible school year learning, growing, and serving together.